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Here’s The Exact System I Used To Build A 6-Figure Dropshipping Business In 30 Days…

... Which Grew To 7-Figures Just 90 Days Later


The Sweet & Short Summary: Get everything you need to build a successful dropshipping business in 2024, including marketing templates you can copy & paste, step-by-step videos of me finding and testing a winning products, and hours of the highest quality e-commerce content currently on the web.

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What Is The Mini Mentorship?

Let's skip the "envision your dream" talk, there's enough of that online.

Here's the truth:

It all comes down to marketing at end of the day.

My approach is unique because we focus on marketing.

​I was able to find success in the dropshipping space fast and scale to levels people could only imagine of because of marketing.

​I didn't have to test tons of products and go on the 'testing spree' like how so many of the other people are teaching it.

​I just focused on a few products and turned them into brands.

​... but it all started with dropshipping.

​Whether you're looking to build a new 6-figure stream of income, find your breakthrough or scale to 7-figures, or even 8-figures...

​I'm revealing the entire system and hold holding you through the process that has generated me $20,000,000+ in sales and turn this into something long-term.

Let me shave off months of time and thousand of dollars of trial and error for you.

Don't be fooled by the price of this program, I'm holding nothing back.

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What Are Some Things You Can Expect To See?

... Follow Along As I Show You All The Ins & Outs

Watch Me Build The Store From Scratch

You'll see me build the stores from scratch, everything from the minor optimizations that I'll do to maximize profit, all the way to the ninja psychological things I'm applying that turns visitors into buyers.

​You'll be able to clone these things over: you'll have the templates, the framework and more.

​While there are great content online about how to build a store — a lot of them miss the key optimizations that many of the big 7-figure, 8-figure+ brands are doing right now.

Watch Me Craft Up All The Marketing

Most people teaching dropshipping aren't teaching people how to market.

This is the absolute key to everything: your product research, crafting the ads and turning visitors into buyers.

I'll be walking you through exactly how to craft offers, do the market research and more so that you can hit the ground running on your first try.

I'll be handing you the templates, the frameworks and walking you through exactly how I crafted everything up so you can replicate it on your own.

Watch Me Find Winning Products & Test Them

Products are a dime a dozen, there are unlimited different products and niches that you can tap into.

It's just that most people are looking in the wrong place, or they don't know how to actually 'market' the product.

It's my hope that the Mini Mentorship will solve this problem, so that you can hit the ground running on your first try, even if you haven't done it before.

Watch Me Go From Zero To Hundreds, To Thousands Per Day

You'll see us launch our stores from scratch and maintain a profit step-by-step all the way to thousands per day.

You will see everything from the thought process, to how I break down the data, to all the hidden stuff people aren't really looking at or teaching.

It's Everything You Need To Get Started The Right Way, The First Time Around Without Trialing & Erroring...

Step-By-Step Launch Fast Track Course

This isn't your typical course where you just learn the basics and theory.

I'm breaking down the entire system in easy-to-follow videos, completed with checklists, templates and frameworks so that you can do everything with predictability or fix your own process.

​Don't be fooled by the price-tag, I'm holding nothing back.

My 'Fill-In-The-Blanks' Marketing Templates

Everything from the description of your product page, to the pre-sell pages that I'm giving you, all the way to the ad scripts/ad copies.

You're going to get the 'fill-in-the-blank' templates that have generated me 8-figures.

Along with that are breakdown explanations, so you can understand what went into crafting these and why they work.

This is not your typical 'A.I. written template', these are templates written by real marketers and backend by millions of ad spend.

The Dropshipping Intensive Coaching Call Replays


There's a high chance someone has been through a similar problem to you. That's why I want to share my coaching call replays.

On these coaching call replays, we cover product research, and craft an offer live in-front of your eyes.

Even when it comes to advertising, we're opening up the ad accounts, taking a deep dive and giving step-by-step advice.

The Inner Circle Expert Community


Most communities out there mainly have beginners asking questions, and other beginners answering the questions.

I tapped into my network to invite 6-figure and 7-figure experts to share their resources to answer questions.

This is all available to you for free, I'm covering the cost.

Advanced Dropshipping Crash Course


Most communities out there mainly have beginners asking questions, and other beginners answering the questions.

I tapped into my network to invite 6-figure and 7-figure experts to share their resources to answer questions.

This is all available to you for free, I'm covering the cost.

Pre-Built Conversion Store Templates


The way you convince people to buy has changed throughout the years. It isn't as simple as sending people to a 'product page' anymore.

Nowadays, we're leveraging something called a 'presell' page. It's a better way of convincing people to buy from your stores.

I'll be showing you how I set these up in an easy to follow 'fill-in-the-blank' template.

I'll also be sharing with you some of my best custom built pages so that you can setup your store fast in the most effective way possible: from the home page, to the product page and more.

Product Sourcing, Creative Sourcing, Shopify Discounts & More


I don't want you to join the program and then end up finding out that you have to spend hundreds of dollars on software, sourcing products and creating ads.

That's why I tapped into my connections to convince them to offer massive discounts and free trials on their services and products.

Fast Implementation & Game Plan Session


Look, the last thing you want to do is to buy a course and never go through it. Going through a course on your own can be overwhelming, that's why I'm offering a free complimentary implementation and game plan session with my team.

I finally convinced them to take time out of their day to chat with members joining this program to help them craft out a custom game plan.

'There's No One Else Online Teaching These Things When It Comes To eCommerce Dropshipping..."

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can't I learn these things for free on Youtube and books?

Answer: I have free YouTube videos and a book recommendation list that I give for free. But if your time is valuable to you and you're looking for premium training, $47 should pay for itself.

Question: Is this program for beginners? I just want to see what it's all about and not fully commit.

Answer: Yes, I show you step-by-step how to do everything.

Question: What's different about this program?

Answer: We focus on marketing and the fundamentals. This is the absolute key to your success in the eCommerce world.

Question: Will this program help me with product research, advertising and marketing? 

Answer: Yes, my marketing system lays the foundation to do everything the right way.

Question: Will I get support once I'm in the program?

Answer: Yes, inside the community.

Question: Do you have a refund guarantee?

Answer: Yes, anytime within 30-days to request a no-questions asked 100% refund.

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