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We do offer refunds on any of our programs, under specific circumstances, depending on the program. After 90 days of the initial receipt, if the client has not generated $2,000 in sales and has completed 100% of the course (as tracked by Kajabi), the client can request a full refund. Only then, a full refund can be done- partial refunds are at the discretion of YenCommerce. Payment and processing fees are excluded. If packages including a creation process (e.g. store creation) have been purchased, and the creation process already started, only a partial refund can be given. YenCommerce reserves the right to decline and revoke access to the course, program, and resources in terms of services that are breached and at YenCommerce’s discretion. We are not responsible for your ad spend, store costs, litigations, or any miscellaneous cost that you may incur. Marketing platforms like Facebook can potentially and temporarily deactivate an ad account. This is out of YenCommerce’s power and will not be covered in any way.


Payment plans run the duration of four months. Payment plans run the duration of four months. The first payment is withdrawn upon successful registration, with three equal payments due on the same day of each month until the balance is paid in full. These payments are automatically withdrawn from your chosen payment account each month. No action is required to initiate these.

Payment plans are set up by you through either Stripe or PayPal. YenCommerce does not have access to any of your bank or credit card details to make changes to your account. You may request a change to the recurring monthly payment date. This MUST be done at least 72 hours BEFORE the next payment is due. Once the date is changed all subsequent payments will be set at the new date. Payment dates CANNOT be changed after a payment attempt has been made.

If a monthly payment defaults, your access to YenCommerce will be suspended and you will not have access until the payment has been made. A few automatic attempts will be made to secure payment through your chosen payment method.

If a payment is declined, this was something done by the bank or credit card company. YenCommerce does not have access to your banking information and unable to see why the payment was declined. This is an automated system between your account and your chosen payment method. Please contact your bank or credit card company for more information.

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