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Module Breakdown

The Lens Of A 7-Figure Marketer

  • ​Embodying The Lens Of A 7-Figure Marketer
  • ​The Paradox Of Success
  • ​Energy & Body Optimization
  • ​Maximizing Output
  • ​Preparing For The Numbers Game
  • ​Maximizing Creativity & Breakthroughs
  • ​Video & Book Recommendations

Direct Response Practical Fundamentals

  • ​Selling Wants vs. Needs
  • ​Building A Business For Ads
  • ​Reverse Engineering
  • ​Creating Excitement
  • ​Excitement As Hot Buttons
  • ​The Straight Line & Preframing Concept
  • Market Research Basics
  • ​Market Research Advanced

Qualitative Market Research That Generates Results

  • ​Products That Sell & Work For Ads
  • ​Examples Sellable Ad Products
  • Researching Starting With Product Research
  • ​Researching Starting With Audience Research
  • ​Product Development & Sourcing
  • Stages Of Awareness
  • Direct Response & The Hook
  • ​General Copy Guidelines & Templates
  • ​Hooks & Body Copy Guidelines & Templates
  • ​Crafting A Compelling Message
  • ​Crafting A Compelling Offer

Converting Cold Traffic

  • ​Creating A Trustworthy Brand
  • The Zero To Trust Conversion Cycle
  • Conversion Rate Optimization Must-Knows
  • On-Site Red Flags
  • The Customer Journey
  • How To Watch & Optimize The Customer Journey
  • How To Build A Shopify Store Like A Real Brand
  • How To Choose A Brand Name
  • ​What Is A Brand​

Qualitative Facebook Ad Marketing

  • The New Paradigm Of Facebook Ads
  • ​Setting Up Facebook Ads
  • ​Setting Up & Creating A Trustworthy Page
  • ​Setting Up Conversion Tracking
  • ​Setting Up Columns & Reading Metrics
  • ​Avoiding Bans & Compliance
  • ​High Converting Ad Principles
  • ​Creating A High Converting Ad
  • ​Sourcing High Converting Ads
  • ​Planning & Researching
  • ​Sourcing & Scripting Creatives
  • ​Writing Ad Copies & Templates
  • ​Launching Walkthrough
  • ​Optimizing Walkthrough
  • ​Scaling Walkthrough


Donald Exited His Business

Donald found value from our business philosophy. He built his dropshipping business for long-term profit and ultimately exited his dropshipping business. He is now pursuing private equity.

Roman Scaled To 6-Figures

Roman found value from our teachings on direct response marketing, business strategy and product research. Before he was just copying competition blindly. We helped him tap into markets where he had the advantage.

Bastian Scaled To 5-Figures

Bastian found value from our teachings on direct response marketing. Before he was just testing products. Now he can see dropshipping through the lens of actually building a real brand and business. He has since then scrapped the idea of spam testing. 

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