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What We Teach In The Coaching Program

Direct Response Marketing

Think of it like those infomercials where they say "Call now and get an extra set free!" It's all about getting you to make a move right then and there.

Companies put out ads or emails that are like a friendly nudge, saying, "Hey, why not do this cool thing now?" And the best part for them is they can see if their nudge worked because they can track who's buying or signing up on the spot.

Creative Strategy

This one's the behind-the-scenes magic.

It's like when you see a really cool ad and think, "Wow, that was clever!" Marketers sit down and think really hard about what makes you tick, what you like, what you don't like, and then they cook up a plan.

They mix that knowledge with what they want to sell, and bam, they hit you with ads or content that tells a story or hits some emotional buttons, hoping you'll think, "I like these guys. I'm gonna go for what they're selling."


You know those words that make you think, "I gotta have this," when you read an ad or a website? That's copywriting. It's all about writing stuff in a way that's super clear but also kind of charming or persuasive.

The folks who do this are like word chefs; they know just what to say to get you excited about something and ready to whip out your wallet.

Business Strategy

A business strategy is the master plan a company uses to secure a competitive position in the market, achieve its goals, and meet the needs of its customers. It's like the blueprint for building a company's future, guiding the team on how to allocate resources, navigate challenges, and seize opportunities along the way.

Media Buying

Media buying is the art of generating awareness and harnessing awareness for your product and business. It's strategic. Once the strategy is clear, the tactics become relatively clear too.

Knowing when and where your audience hangs out is key to getting the most bang for your marketing buck. Knowing the customer journey and the economics of your business is how you scale predictably.

Product Research

Product research is like detective work to figure out what products will hit it off with customers before they even hit the shelves. It involves sniffing around for clues on what people need or want, analyzing trends, and then brainstorming ideas that could turn into the next big thing that everyone's got to have.

The Format Of The Coaching Program

Private Coaching

Get personalized one-on-one coaching from the team at YenCommerce who are actively running ads, building stores and scaling stores. Our private coaching program runs for 6-months, including a private chat, 2x weekly calls for 1 hour, and so much more.

Interactive Community

Join a community of 1,000+ people on the same page as you. Work together to tackle problems, get creative and support one another.

It makes the coaching experience less lonely and effective. You get lifetime access to the community.

Online Learning Portal

Access our training portal from anywhere in the world, on your phone or on your desktop. In our training portal, you'll be able to swipe our procedures, video walkthroughs, checklists, templates and more.

It makes coaching you easy. You can learn at your own pace alongside your private coaching. You get lifetime access to the learning portal.


Donald Exited His Business

Donald found value from our business philosophy. He built his dropshipping business for long-term profit and ultimately exited his dropshipping business. He is now pursuing private equity.

Roman Scaled To 6-Figures

Roman found value from our teachings on direct response marketing, business strategy and product research. Before he was just copying competition blindly. We helped him tap into markets where he had the advantage.

Bastian Scaled To 5-Figures

Bastian found value from our teachings on direct response marketing. Before he was just testing products. Now he can see dropshipping through the lens of actually building a real brand and business. He has since then scrapped the idea of spam testing. 

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