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The Format Of Our YenCommerce Navigator Course

Interactive Community

Join a community of 1,000+ people on the same page as you. Work together to tackle problems, get creative and support one another.

It makes the coaching experience less lonely and effective. You get lifetime access to the community.

Online Learning Portal

Access our training portal from anywhere in the world, on your phone or on your desktop. In our training portal, you'll be able to swipe our procedures, video walkthroughs, checklists, templates and more.

It makes coaching you easy. You can learn at your own pace alongside your private coaching. You get lifetime access to the learning portal.


Donald Exited His Business

Donald found value from our business philosophy. He built his dropshipping business for long-term profit and ultimately exited his dropshipping business. He is now pursuing private equity.

Roman Scaled To 6-Figures

Roman found value from our teachings on direct response marketing, business strategy and product research. Before he was just copying competition blindly. We helped him tap into markets where he had the advantage.

Bastian Scaled To 5-Figures

Bastian found value from our teachings on direct response marketing. Before he was just testing products. Now he can see dropshipping through the lens of actually building a real brand and business. He has since then scrapped the idea of spam testing. 

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