Role: Community Writer & Facilitator (Experimental Position)

Pay: The pay starts at $15 an hour and hours can range from 4 hours a week to 20 hours a week. You will be eligible for bonuses (fixed, or additional hourly pay) based on performance. The hourly pay is negotiable and is scalable based on skill, value and scale of the server. We also have an affiliate program which you can take advantage of and pays out 50% to 60% of the recurring revenue under your name.

Traits & Criteria: 

- Need to be curious and a fast learner

- Knows how to do research and interpret information

- Understands direct response marketing

- Needs to know how to format copy and paragraphs

- Needs to write in decent english and have grammar

- Loves community building and networking


- Assemble key information and top topics discussed on the server and re-paraphrase and reformat as a clean article, including references and/or examples. 

- Assemble weekly-digest information and lessons every week. 

- Plan and improve engagement of the community. 

- Will be working and planning on Asana.

How To Apply: There’s no need for a formal introduction! Please reach out to me like a friend by messaging me on Discord or Instagram for the fastest response time.