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Super Powers For eCommerce Entrepreneurs

We teach eCommerce entrepreneurs how to market and build an ethical, sustainable and profitable business.

We equip them with skills like copywriting, direct response marketing, creative strategy and more.

Super Powers For eCommerce Entrepreneurs

We teach eCommerce entrepreneurs how to market and build an ethical, sustainable and profitable business.

We equip them with skills like copywriting, direct response marketing, creative strategy and more.

YenCommerce Is An Education Platform For eCommerce Entrepreneurs

YenCommerce was created to help eCommerce entrepreneurs learn high value skills, mental models and systems so that they can build a business that serves customers, and that they can be proud of.

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Meet The Founder

I'm Brandon Nguyen, and I'm the founder of YenCommerce. If you take a look at my background across my socials, you'll be able to see: I actually practice what I preach, now generating $20,000,000 in sales.

I started my journey in the eCommerce world within a sub-niche: dropshipping.

The biggest problem I saw was that no one was teaching people how to market and build a real business.

I saw many people, including myself fall into the traps of buying programs from 'coaches' and wishy-washy courses from people who didn't even know how to market or build a real business.

I founded YenCommerce so that I could make high-level eCommerce education accessible, affordable and consumable. 

Just Some Of The Things We Teach

Direct Response Marketing

Brandon writing this, and I'll write this candidly. Direct response is the back-bone of any successful boot-strapped eCommerce business.

​You'd be surprised how many eCommerce entrepreneurs have never heard or studied direct response marketing.

​It's the art of tapping into the market's pre-disposed desires and converting it into action.

​It's the key to any effective and measurable digital marketing strategy, and was definitely the breakthrough for me.

Creative Strategy

Creative strategy is the back bone of your advertising. The key to effective creative strategy is qualitative research and understanding of your customer.

With so many people shouting online on how to convert customers; the most important thing is understanding your customer, and knowing how to present your product in a way that is compelling and clear.


Copywriting is a high value skill. However, it might not be as important as you think it is; the actual art of writing. Because at the end of the day, the most important thing is that you're 'showing and not telling...'

​Copywriting is important because it shows you how to do proper research and how to effectively communicate; which then translates into effective creative strategy and effective direct response strategies.

Business Strategy

If you want to scale up to 7-figures and 8-figures consistently, you need to build a real business, like a real business. I've seen it in my own business: I've scaled up stores quickly, and they've also died just as quickly. I only know a handful of business owners who are able to generate 7-figures and 8-figures year after year with just one business. Most have to start from scratch over and over, in search of a new model, a new niche, or a new product.

Nothing wrong with that. Sometimes a few million and a whole stack of cash is what people want.

However, if you want to build something that's long-lasting, that impacts others, and compounds massively over the long-run, you need to build a real business.

You need to invest tons of energy into product, into your customers, into your marketing, systems, operations and team.

​I always put investing in my team, product and business first before ever paying myself.

Media Buying

Media buying is simple. Algorithms are getting smarter. As years ago on, I believe the marketers who qualitatively understand their customers, and qualitatively look at the business as an eco-system rather than just through one platform will win.

​Media buying is an extension of your business. It drives awareness, and the better you capture the awareness, the better your ads will naturally perform.

​This is also how you achieve growth and see a snowball effect happen.

And So Much More...

There are so many moving parts to an eCommerce business; and the paradox is that it's also simple at the same time. If you care about your customers, if you know your customers and you create a product that people want; it's not hard to thrive.

The Pillars Of Our Courses

Experts At Your Finger Tips

Collaborate with educators and members at YenCommerce who are actively running ads, building stores and scaling stores. YenCommerce helps you learn marketing from real marketers – not gurus and academics.

​​It’s a place where you can learn how to market like a pro, connect with industry experts, and get the strategies and tools you need to grow and scale your business to new heights.

Interactive Community

Join a community of 1,000+ people on the same page as you. Work together to tackle problems, get creative and support one another.

It makes the coaching experience less lonely and effective. You get lifetime access to the community.

Online Learning Portal

Access our training portal from anywhere in the world, on your phone or on your desktop. In our training portal, you'll be able to swipe our procedures, video walkthroughs, checklists, templates and more.

It makes coaching you easy. You can learn at your own pace alongside your private coaching. You get lifetime access to the learning portal.

Gain An Edge Beyond Anything Out There...

Want to learn more and see if any of YenCommerce's courses would be a great fit for your eCommerce business? Come click the button below and find out.

What Did People Have To Say About Our Courses?

Donald Exited His Business

Donald found value from our business philosophy. He built his dropshipping business for long-term profit and ultimately exited his dropshipping business. He is now pursuing private equity.

Roman Scaled To 6-Figures

Roman found value from our teachings on direct response marketing, business strategy and product research. Before he was just copying competition blindly. We helped him tap into markets where he had the advantage.

Bastian Scaled To 5-Figures

Bastian found value from our teachings on direct response marketing. Before he was just testing products. Now he can see dropshipping through the lens of actually building a real brand and business. He has since then scrapped the idea of spam testing. 

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